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Teatime in Hell by SachimiChan Teatime in Hell :iconsachimichan:SachimiChan 9 6 Sailor Venus by SachimiChan Sailor Venus :iconsachimichan:SachimiChan 25 5 Sailor Jupiter by SachimiChan Sailor Jupiter :iconsachimichan:SachimiChan 25 2 Sailor Mars by SachimiChan Sailor Mars :iconsachimichan:SachimiChan 2 0 Sailor Mercury by SachimiChan Sailor Mercury :iconsachimichan:SachimiChan 24 2 Lana by SachimiChan Lana :iconsachimichan:SachimiChan 5 4 For Chiyoko by SachimiChan For Chiyoko :iconsachimichan:SachimiChan 2 2 My Life is Awesome ch3 pg12 by SachimiChan My Life is Awesome ch3 pg12 :iconsachimichan:SachimiChan 1 4 Teen Idle by SachimiChan Teen Idle :iconsachimichan:SachimiChan 9 3 Choose your own fate by SachimiChan Choose your own fate :iconsachimichan:SachimiChan 91 40 Kiki's Delivery Service by SachimiChan Kiki's Delivery Service :iconsachimichan:SachimiChan 111 23 'Deep Connection' by SachimiChan 'Deep Connection' :iconsachimichan:SachimiChan 27 23 Electra Heart by SachimiChan Electra Heart :iconsachimichan:SachimiChan 5 14 My Life is Awesome ch4 pg11 by SachimiChan My Life is Awesome ch4 pg11 :iconsachimichan:SachimiChan 0 5 Mabel by SachimiChan Mabel :iconsachimichan:SachimiChan 43 7 Fruit of Fate by SachimiChan Fruit of Fate :iconsachimichan:SachimiChan 7 0
This is my artz and stuff :P Feel free to critique any of this! XD

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chinese zodiac - dragon by Amuria chinese zodiac - dragon :iconamuria:Amuria 16,573 2,483 chinese zodiac - mouse by Amuria chinese zodiac - mouse :iconamuria:Amuria 12,205 1,597 Bill Kaulitz at the concert by Cuteepi52 Bill Kaulitz at the concert :iconcuteepi52:Cuteepi52 1 1
The 'Banned Books' Contest: Fight Censor
Support Banned Books!
"[I]t's not just the books under fire now that worry me. It is the books that will never be written. The books that will never be read. And all due to the fear of censorship. As always, young readers will be the real losers." — Judy Blume
Could Judy Blume, celebrated children's author, be right? Are there books never written and things never said simply because someone else might censor them? Writing should never be an exercise in futility!
Make your voice heard. Live up to the deviantART name. It's time to cherish some banned books.
:pointr: DYK: The Where's Waldo? books are some of the most challenged and banned books of all time.  Maybe they couldn't find him?
In honor of the most frequently challenged and banned books, and in order to raise awareness for the cause (
:icongeneratinghype:GeneratingHype 263 369
Bill Sitting on Stool by Cuteepi52 Bill Sitting on Stool :iconcuteepi52:Cuteepi52 1 12 Corpse Bride by Robbuz Corpse Bride :iconrobbuz:Robbuz 3,292 397
Children of Our World
My life is meaningless;
You taunt me,
Torment me,
Push me around.
You laugh in my face,
Call me names that hurt me
Whoever came up with
'Sticks and stones may break my bones'
'But words will never hurt me'
Should be smacked senseless
Because I know that words hurt more
Than a one ton boulder rolling my way
'You're name sucks'
'You're a loser!'
'What kind of freaking name is that?'
Sound familiar?
I get it everyday.
Just for who I am
They follow me
Engulf me
The see me
They stare
They jeer
They say nothing to my face
But their words reach my ears
I put on a brave face
'I don't care'
When I'm alone
The tears come
They are my only friends
I like who I am
I know I am different
And I like that
My parents tell me I am special
Their little girl
They are proud of me
They will never know
Why I came home from school
With broken bones that day
Those stupid kids
:iconmewbonbon13:MewBonBon13 4 21
TMM: Another Love Story prt80
“YOU WHAT?!!!!!!!!!”I shrieked, getting looks from everyone in earshot(and quite a few poor OAPs who had been going for a 'nice peaceful walk' until I came along).
“Um...we sighed you up for cheerleader tryouts?” Meg said, meekly.
Thanks Meg. Thanks Vera. Now, because of you two, I'm going to embarrass myself in front of the whole student body there to watch the tryouts next week I thought, totally freaking out. A usual peaceful walk to the café had turned into a nightmare. Well, it won't be that bad. Your other friends will be there. Plus, when you beat Heather for team captain this year, you'll be really, really popular!” the optimistic voice in my head said. Yeah. Can't be that bad. I'll just be smothered by people once I become popular. But there is the fact that I once did a tumble roll. And twisted my wrist WHO AM I KIDDING? CHEERLEADR?! MOI?! HA! That's about as likely as me sailing across the English Channel single handed in
:iconmewbonbon13:MewBonBon13 1 43
Cantaloupe Sandals by ursulav Cantaloupe Sandals :iconursulav:ursulav 908 244 Watermelon Heels by ursulav Watermelon Heels :iconursulav:ursulav 3,360 521 St. Otter and the Egg by ursulav St. Otter and the Egg :iconursulav:ursulav 720 97 Rosalie - Hair by Robbuz Rosalie - Hair :iconrobbuz:Robbuz 1,833 226 Victoria by Robbuz Victoria :iconrobbuz:Robbuz 2,093 423 Edward X Bella - Kiss by Robbuz Edward X Bella - Kiss :iconrobbuz:Robbuz 2,095 179 Alice - Sunflower by Robbuz Alice - Sunflower :iconrobbuz:Robbuz 2,870 155 Rosalie - Rose by Robbuz Rosalie - Rose :iconrobbuz:Robbuz 2,057 77
Everything I fave is amazingly awesome *even if I don't comment on all of em lol* so be sure to check some of it out!! :D


Whattup dA?

Here's a quick update (with bullet points!)

• "My Life is Awesome!" is going to have a big (multi-page) update this week, then I'll be going to the 1 page-per week formula again.

• I still have KaptinKitty and RoxyChick2003's requests to finish D: Good god, it's been a VERY long time....

• Out of curiosity, would anyone want to play a sort of demo thing of my Visual novel? I'm considering it, just because I wouldn't mind some feedback :D It'll be a very small part of the actual story, but why not right? :)

Sites that I'm on:

::: Tumblr ::: Smackjeeves :::
  • Listening to: Manu Chao
  • Reading: Watchmen
  • Watching: Glee (lol)
  • Playing: Wanna play Okami...
  • Eating: nothingg
  • Drinking: Water (Do I ever drink anything else?)


Yo yo
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I am not as stupid as my username makes me seem haha XP




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